8 May


On 8 and 9 May, 2015 will be held in Durres, at Hotel Adriatik, the Second International Forum on the topic of Creative Economy.
The forum will bring together national and international politicians, thinkers, leading economists and business leaders to discuss the evidence on the current and future economic forces and trends impacting the innovation, creativity and competitiveness of economies and societies.

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3 Nov

First International Forum on Smart City

On 3rd and 4th November was held in Durres, at Hotel Adriatik, the First International Forum on the topic of Smart City. The Forum started its session, on a very important topic for building intelligent city, exactly, Intelligent Governance. Prime Minister of Albania, Mr. Edi Rama conveyed his messages on intelligent city country challenges, and congratulated the initiative of Adriapol Forum as the first one in Albania. He was followed by his Excellency, the Ambassador of Italy to the Republic of Albania, Mr. Massimo Gaiani. Francesco Cocco, Secretary General of the Adriatic - Ionic Euro region; Mr. Vangjush Dako, Mayor of Durres Municipality, gave an overview of their cities and projects for the future; Mrs. Mimoza Kusari-Lila, Mayor of Jakova municipality; Mrs. Teuta Arifi, Mayor of Tetovo municipality, and Mr. Ragmi Mustafa, Mayor of Presheve municipality also gave their perception on Intelligent City.

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9 May

First International Forum on Creative Economy - Strategic Role of the Creative Economy

All topics shed light on how to coordinate the different vertical levels of government and political actors and factors and harmonize the various economic, social and cultural regions, countries and cities. Promote Economic Development in the Adriatic - Ionian and the Mediterranean, through the creation of synergies and partnerships in the context of European Projects and Development. Use the EU support programs to stimulate the potential of culture, innovation and industry for the development local, regional and national levels. Relaunching economy through the promotion and the Branding of the Regional Culture, Tourism and Related Industries. Concrete ideas and proposals of collaboration based on the best practices of other countries ...

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22 Feb

Industrial Archaeology in Albania

Department of Architecture, University Marin Barleti in cooperation with Polytechnic University of Bari and the contribution of personalities and prominent domestic and international academics, organized on Friday, February 21, 2014, a high-level conference on Industrial Archaeology in Albania, Restoration, Sustainable and Integrated.
The conference unveiled ideas and alternative visions specifically influencing the retraining of industrial zones in the country, which represent a considerable economic potential. The opening word was held by Mr. Gjon Radovani, Vice Minister of Urban Development and Tourism. He laid out the idea of ​​a wave of economic and cultural development applied worldwide. He stressed that industrial archeology needs above all a strong political will, commitment of central and local administrative structures, as well as activation of research institutions, universities and interest groups. The Head of the Department of Architecture, Eng / Arch. Spartak Bagllamaja, analyzed an overview of Albania's industrial zones and industrial heritage in both its components: the process and what the industrial archeology represents. ...

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